Contemporary Gothic Fantasy

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The initial volume in a whole, new series is officially out of Beta, now, and I will begin querying for agent representation starting in August, 2022. Fans of the Woodley, USA series will find themselves immersed in a new liminal world at the edge of the one we know. It’s not Woodley – not exactly! – but it is just as full of magic and quirky characters and challenges to be overcome (as well, of course, as just a little bit of romance, too!)

Follow the Rivers and Roads thread on my blog to see how querying is going, and to be the first to know when publication happens!

The Woodley, USA Series:

Most travelers on the interstate drive right past the exit to Woodley without ever knowing it’s there. Those who do manage to find it are there for a reason.

Seven Turns: A Ghost Story introduces us to Woodley, USA through the eyes of author Callaghan McCarthy. She arrives there in the middle of the night, in her search for inspiration for a sequel to her once-popular ghost story. She doesn’t really believe in ghosts, of course. The ghosts in Woodley find this kind of funny – and they need her help with a problem of their own.
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Moonlight and Moss is the story of how Cally struggles to navigate a new relationship with a man who isn’t, technically, quite 100% human, while solving a murder and keeping an innocent man from having to spend his life in jail for a crime committed by someone…else?  who may also not be human.
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Ghost of a Chance – Almost a year after her arrival at Vale House, Cally believes she finally has a grasp on her role in Woodley USA. Then a famous ghost-hunter checks into Vale House and threatens the weird but happy life she has grown accustomed to. In order to save someone she loves, she must travel to a very dark place, and there she must do something that frightens her even more: she must learn to trust those who love her.
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Woodley is a very special kind of place, and each of its eccentric denizens has his or her own story to tell. As soon as they tell them to me, I will tell them to you. (Of course, I think Woodley itself is really the main character!)

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