Working Title

Seven Turns is just my working title, and I don’t think (?) I’m going to keep it, because it’s the title of an Allman Brothers song, and I love them so I don’t want to piss them off. In fact I listened to this song over and over (and over!) while writing this, and I have attempted to build the tale’s entire atmosphere around Gregg’s beautiful, haunting descant in the chorus. Gregg Allman passed away around the time I was penning the story’s denouement. Somebody’s calling your name – rest in peace, Gregg.

Early on, I attached the subtitle “A Ghost Story” and then, as I approached the third chapter, I struck through the word “Ghost” and replaced it with “Love.” So:

Seven Turns: A Ghost Love Story

speaks reams to me, and the telling of the tale bears this out, as I am sure you will agree once you finally get to read it. Even though I will still probably have to think of a different title. Film at eleven.

About Kim Beall

I started sneaking into the basement to read my parents' massive collection of science fiction, fantasy, and gothic romance when I was nine years old, and I spent my teenage years writing reams of Awesome Novels. This might have worked out better for me if I had not written them during math class.
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