Cover Art!

The nice folks at Solstice Publishing sent me a preview copy of my cover art! I must say I’m excited about it – and relieved. I had heard so many horror stories about people whose covers sucked and actually damaged their sales. I think this captures the atmosphere of the story rather well, thanks to the artist at Solstice who actually listened to my input on the matter.

Now all I’m still itching for is a release date! Patience, my precious, my love…

About Kim Beall

I started sneaking into the basement to read my parents' massive collection of science fiction, fantasy, and gothic romance when I was nine years old, and I spent my teenage years writing reams of Awesome Novels. This might have worked out better for me if I had not written them during math class.
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3 Responses to Cover Art!

  1. Kim Beall says:

    You know what? I guess this means “Seven Turns” is no longer just a working title. Apparently we are going with that as the actual title.

  2. Tanya Reimer says:

    Congrats! Looks great.

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