Book Trailer

Did you know book trailers are a thing? Well, they are!

My publisher encouraged me to create one so I fired up my Windows Movie Maker, which I didn’t even know I had on this PC, and spent a week obsessing about every little detail. I am starting to suspect I’m actually a frustrated film producer at heart. I really hope to do a live-action one someday soon, with real actors and cats.

Anyway, here is my first crack at it. Doesn’t have the release date yet, of course, because I don’t know when that is, yet.

About Kim Beall

I started sneaking into the basement to read my parents' massive collection of science fiction, fantasy, and gothic romance when I was nine years old, and I spent my teenage years writing reams of Awesome Novels. This might have worked out better for me if I had not written them during math class.
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