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WTF is my genre, anyway?

Warning: Rant ahead, with swear-words. So I was having this nice twitter-chat yesterday with a literary agent, which was really decent of her – I know agents are busy people and she didn’t have to answer me. She’d said she … Continue reading

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Oh, yeah: Seven Turns

It occurs to me I have not actually told you what Seven Turns is. I’ve been all through this on my Facebook page┬ábut I should begin at the beginning here, too. Seven Turns is a ghost story. No, wait, it’s … Continue reading

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Working Title

Seven Turns is just my working title, and I don’t think (?) I’m going to keep it, because it’s the title of an Allman Brothers song, and I love them so I don’t want to piss them off. In fact … Continue reading

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Status update

Seven Turns: A Ghost Story, is in its final draft and I have been submitting it to literary agents for representation. Let’s see, so far, I’ve submitted to 59 different agents and have received 13 rejections – one of them … Continue reading

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