Do You Believe?

Most travelers on the interstate drive right past the exit to Woodley without ever knowing it’s there. Those who do manage to find it are there for a reason.

Seven Turns: A Ghost Story introduces us to Woodley, USA through the eyes of author Callaghan McCarthy. She arrives there in the middle of the night, in her search for inspiration for a sequel to her once-popular ghost story. She doesn’t really believe in ghosts, of course. The ghosts in Woodley find this kind of funny – and they need her help with a problem of their own.
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Moonlight and Moss, coming May 31, 2019, is the story of how Cally struggles to navigate a new relationship with a man who isn’t, technically, quite 100% human, while solving a murder and keeping an innocent man from having to spend his life in jail for a crime committed by someone…else?  who may also not be human.
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In the third part of Cally’s story-arc (tentatively titled Rivers and Roads – coming in 2020) Callaghan McCarthy believes she finally has a grasp on her role in Woodley, until a famous ghost-hunter arrives at Vale House and endangers many spirits she has grown to love. In order to save them, she must travel to a very dark place and do something that frightens her even more: she must learn how to trust those who love her.

Woodley is a very special kind of place, and each of its eccentric denizens has his or her own story to tell. As soon as they tell them to me, I will tell them to you. (Of course, I think Woodley itself is really the main character!)

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